PR für vegane und nachhaltige Produkte

PR for vegan and sustainable products

Media relations and publicity for companies and start-ups with a purpose

This book shows how companies can market and communicate vegan and sustainable products and services. After all, changes towards more sustainability can only succeed if people are convinced and inspired – in contrast to bans which tend to be counterproductive. So how can “veggie” products be made palatable to consumers? How can sustainable brands be positioned authentically? And what to do when the ideals are great but the budgets are small?

Katrin Kasper explains how storytelling, surprising PR campaigns and professional media relations can influence people’s perceptions and positively change consumer behaviour in the long term – and improve the world at the same time.

The author draws on numerous practical examples from her many years of work as a communications expert in the PR industry, specialising in plant-based and sustainable products.

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