advises, conceptualizes and writes texts according to all the rules of the art of PR. Studied political science and journalism in Münster, Bordeaux, Belfast and Berlin. Worked at Ericsson as PR consultant, editor-in-chief and managing editor online. Subsequently  for the internet agency Artundweise as project manager responsible for various websites, including 2001 Foundation of KASPER Kommunikation: PR for corporations, medium-sized companies and start-ups.


stands for journalistic competence. He studied journalism in Hamburg and Leads, wrote for Stern, Spiegel Online, Financial Times Germany and other leading media; his radio reports were broadcast by Deutschlandfunk, ORF and Schweizer Rundfunk. He has been Head of Content at KASPER Kommunikation since 2001 and is also a book author and coach.


is a multimedia designer in Berlin’s creative scene – her passion for design knows no media boundaries. She  has worked for various internet agencies, graphic design and architecture companies. As a front-end developer and graphic designer, she specializes in web design, but also enjoys designing print products. For hip start-ups as well as for corporations.